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Sponsorship must continue to grow, evolve and mature to ensure the vitality of Catholic health care and other Catholic works for generations to come. This includes anticipating and responding to changing circumstances in the Canadian health care system and our local communities, to meet the needs of the most vulnerable amongst us. The role of the Catholic Congregational Legacy Charity is to support the sustainability of Catholic works and to improve the well-being of those at the margins of society. This includes preserving and safeguarding assets such as land, buildings, and investment funds. In June 2017, the Catholic Congregational Legacy Charity was pleased to receive its first gift from the Grey Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, who transferred a property adjacent to St. Patrick’s Home in Ottawa.


  • Joan Breech – Board Member
  • Simon Burke – Board Member
  • Anthony Chang – Board Member
  • Brian Edmonds – Board Member
  • Beth Johnson – President & CEO
  • Robert Haslett – Board Member
  • Tom Woods – Board Chair


The Catholic Congregational Legacy Charity welcomes dialogue with any religious congregation or other interested party.

Please contact Beth Johnson at 416-740-0444 or [email protected].