CHSO The Living Mission Award

Purpose of the Living the Mission Awards:
The annual CHSO Living the Mission Awards aim to recognize people or teams from CHSO sponsored organizations who have made a significant contribution over a sustained period to the advancement of the Catholic Mission of their organization. The Living the Mission Awards recipients have inspired and/or mentored others and are beacons of servant leadership.

Who is Eligible?
The Living the Mission Awards are open to all individuals or teams who meet the criteria. This includes both lay people and religious, who are employed, or have been employed, at any level or capacity in a CHSO sponsored organization; as well as persons who hold, or have served in, such roles as Board director, volunteer, physician, resource person, advisor, or mentor.

Criteria – Each Nominee:

  • Champions the value of Catholic works and ministry today, the healing ministry of Jesus, and the gospel mission.
  • Reflects the Catholic mission concern for the vulnerable.
  • Embodies the organization's mission, vision, and values, and integrates mission into daily operations.
  • Articulates the value of Catholic health care, social services, and other works, and enables others to do the same.
  • Inspires, mentors, and supports others to embrace the organization's mission, and has an impact on forming a new generation of leaders.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to performance excellence and high-quality program and service delivery.
  • Embraces the principle of collaboration, and the value of organizations working together to create high-quality, effective partnerships.

Call for Nominations

For more information, see 2024 Living the Mission Awards Call for Nominations.

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CHSO Meritorious Service Award

What distinguishes this award from the CHSO Living the Mission Award?
The purpose of the Living the Mission Award is: “To recognize people or teams from CHSO member organizations that have made a significant contribution over a sustained period of time to the advancement of Catholic health care in Ontario. The award is to acknowledge the highest level of excellence in the area of demonstrated and recognized day-to-day expression of Mission. The Mission Award recipient has inspired and mentored others, carried the mission to the next generation of leaders, and is a beacon of servant leadership.” The Living the Mission Award focuses on people or teams from CHSO member organizations.

The Meritorious Service Award recognizes an individual whose impact on Catholic health care is broader, affecting Catholic health care ministry on a wider scale.

What are the criteria?
An exceptional, long-term, distinguished contribution that has had a significant impact on Catholic health care, in a manner that has been felt by CHSO and CHSO organizations.

Is this award presened annually or on occasion?
The award would not necessarily be awarded annually. This special award is presented on occasion to individuals for their unparalleled contributions.

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