July 3, 2024

2024 Living the Mission Awards

Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Living the Mission Awards!


Dr. N. Zoe Hilton, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

Dr. Hilton is the Research Chair in Forensic Mental Health at Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care. Nominated for her “exemplary commitment to community service that fosters the values of the Catholic healthcare mission.” She has been with Waypoint for over 30 years. The nomination highlights her various leadership roles within Waypoint and beyond, such as with the University of Toronto, where she is a professor of psychiatry. She has shown that she inspires and mentors others by leading the Trauma Incident Support Team, which brings together staff who volunteer their time to support their colleagues’ mental health in the workplace.

Reflecting Catholic health care’s concern for people in positions of vulnerability, a career highlight of Dr. Hilton’s was the development of the Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment, which guides police and first responders in their support of individuals experiencing intimate partner violence. She also led the Trauma Among Psychiatric Workers Project, which sought to understand the trauma experiences of nurses and hospital staff. Care for vulnerable populations is a hallmark of her work.

Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent De Paul Leadership Team

The Sisters of Providence Leadership Team received the Mission Leadership Award for their collective, long-standing role as strong and visionary leaders within their congregation, which has guided their recent work to develop the ‘Village’ concept in Kingston. Their ambitious goal to create Providence Village as a way of continuing their mission of care for those in need is an inspiration for other congregations as they come to completion. Their approach to this work is inspiring and mentoring a new generation of lay leaders to fulfil their dream and address gaps in the system, ensuring no one ‘falls through the cracks’. Further, their vision for the Village includes upholding care for the surrounding environment.

The Leadership Team has balanced all these visionary plans with the responsibility of caring for the aging and frail Sisters that are part of their congregation. Their collaboration with Providence Village and others is ensuring the safety and well-being of this vulnerable population.

Angela O’Grady, Personal Support Worker at St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa

Angela O’Grady is a Personal Support Worker (PSW) who has worked in this role for over 24 years at St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa. Those who nominated Angela describe her as someone who is “dedicated to the well-being of the residents ensuring every voice is heard and their wishes met.” The examples provided reflect Jesus’ healing ministry and the gospel mission – kneeling at the bedside with residents in prayer, taking residents to the prayer room “to offer support and comfort”. She shows compassion and comfort engaging with those who have suffered loss.

Her nominators also describe her as someone who is honest and transparent, and this has garnered the trust of those in her care.

She is recognized for the efforts she has made for continuous learning and her willingness to teach colleagues strategies that she has learned. She is a collaborative team member and a bright light during difficult days.

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